Electrical Test Answers You Want

Electrical Test Answers You Want

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Test answers for the electrical license.

I know what you are thinking. If you can only memorize a few of the hard questions and answers you'll have a better chance at passing.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

You've heard that the electrical exam is pretty hard stuff so you want to be ready. That's a great idea! You do have to be ready. But memorizing questions and answers is not the way.


1. The electrical exam changes - so do the test answers

Out of a bank of hundreds of questions you will receive between 85 and 116. Depending on the license you are going for. If you memorize a set of questions, what are the chances that you'll get the exact same questions?

2. Learn the material

Learning the material will prepare you for any changes in the questions. If you memorize a question on Ranges but the numbers change in the test, you're screwed. The test answers change.

Learn the material. Learn the formulas. And learn where the tables you need are in the NEC book.


State Electrical Exam Prep


3. The average human brain is limited

Have you tried using an old computer from the 90s to watch Netflix on it? You can't. Unless you are a computer tech and can expand it's RAM and memory.

The human brain can memorize up to a certain number of things. But that number drops the older we get. You also have to factor in how much alcohol or  junk food  you consume.

The point is that if you are going to use up the limited space in your memory, don't waste it on test answers. Use it to memorize formulas instead. That is what will help you in the test.


Hundreds of students pass with Texas Electrical Exam prep seminars.


4. Take a course or get a workbook

Get yourself in one of our seminars. Get a workbook . Or find an online study prep class. You will not regret putting a study plan together. You won't get exact test answers, but you will understand how to answer anything they throw at you.

How else will you know what to prepare for? Download our free electrical exam prep book to get you stated.

Best of luck!
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