How to Identify Keywords in the Test Questions & Where to Find Them in the Code Book

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Helpful Tip #138

Many keywords are more in the context of the question, or installation clues than there are truly bold-outright key words in the test question. 


When you are taking the electrical exam in Texas, you will have some questions that don’t have an obvious keyword for you to look up in the back of the book (index).  In some cases, you have to pull information from actual experience and look at the question as a whole to give you a better clue as to what the question is really about.  What is helpful in these cases is to look at the multiple choice answers and get clues from those too.    

 For those questions that do have obvious or at least easy to recognize keywords, there are some strategies to finding the correct answer in the book.  Some guys swear by the index and some prefer the table of contents.  Using the table of contents means you have a better understanding of the layout of the book.  You know that if the question is talking about carnivals or mobile homes, you will need to lock at Chapter 5.  Or if the question is about pools or electrical vehicles, then you have to look at Chapter 6 and so on.  If you already have practice and know how to locate keywords in the index, then you should stick to that, but if you are just starting to study for the electrical exam I suggest you learn both methods.  It’s not so difficult.  Below are some helpful links I found on the web.  My friend Jim goes step by step on how to find keywords looking at the index. 

*Tip* Don’t just look at the question, read the answers too.

Other Resources:

Read Jim’s Blog at Electrical Exam Academy, he goes into detail on how to find keywords in the indexes.

Video Link that Explain how to prepare for the electrical exam and find keyword within the questions:






Good luck and contact us if you have any questions.


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