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Electrical Exam Prep Course – Test Study Handouts

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Our classes hold about 30 seats, this ensures everyone has time to ask questions or go over any subjects that are harder to grasp.


Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Let’s talk about some exam prep information we go over on the first day of the seminar.  This is just a tiny snippet of what we talk about.


Electrical Exam Prep Course - Test Results


For those of you that haven't taken the exam, when you're done at the end of the time frame you'll get your test results right there.


It's kind of disheartening sometimes.  But if you have your failed score report sheet with you bring it to the electrical exam prep course. Some time during one of the breaks we'll sit down with you and tell you where to study in the book because it's kind of tough.


Electrical Exam Prep Course - Test Breakdown



Looking at this breakdown of the candidate bulletin you know you’ll have six questions that are in calculations, theory, plans and definition. Both the master electrical exam and the journeyman electrical exam have this line item.


Right now most of you guys know that the definitions are going to be an article 100 so that's no brainer. Theory, that's a tough one to kind of categorize an open book right? So it's just the calculations. When they say calculations on that top line, you're talking about non-code calculations such as ohm's law calculations. Finally, you got the Plans.


Everybody here's gonna have a blueprint plans.  Unfortunately for you, that line item right there is probably the weakest area that we’ve seen across the board.


What's tough about that line item is, "where"?  If you do that poorly in that line area for that line item, where do you go to study those particular sections? What chapter?


And that's the tough part about this breakdown. Yeah, they tell you kind of what your test is going to be about, but you got over 900 pages there.  So, to figure out exactly "where" all those fall into is very tricky.


This is one of the issues that we cover in the electrical exam prep seminar.


Electrical Exam Prep Course - Test Study Handouts


electrical exam prep course


In the electrical exam prep course you receive a packet with handouts and notes. If you have a test result just like that, what you can do is take that sheet and study exactly what is on it.


You will have the seminar outline and breakdown with notes and ideas of areas and content by section.


We've gone through their line items and given you at least a basic set of articles that match up with each one of these line items. This is a phenomenal study sheet to have.


Learn more about the seminars coming up this year & remember to register at least 2 weeks before the start date.

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