Electrical Code Book Survival Guide

Electrical Code Book Survival Guide for the TDLR Electrician License Exam

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If you're studying for the electrical exam, make sure to read the state's candidate information bulletin so you know exactly what to buy. You can download that here. 

The softbound/paperback edition of the NEC book  is only approved in the majority of states. In Texas, for example, the only book that can be used is the most recent softbound version of the NEC book. This Texas-specific book can be highlighted and tabbed. You may also have some pen notes scattered throughout the book.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Don't buy your book until you know exactly what you can bring into the examiner's room, or you will be asked to sit the exam without your book and with their plain book.

Grab your NEC book and complete the following four steps to prepare for the electrical exam.

Tab your NEC Book

Place the tabs that correspond to the tables at the top of your book. This allows you to distinguish between articles and tabs. Then, attach the article tabs to the book's spine. It will be much easier to complete if you start at the back of the book and work your way forward.

Look at the table of contents.

Learn, and remember the table of contents. If necessary, use index cards to learn the layout of the NEC book. This will save you some time at the testing center.

Highlight your NEC

Purchase a variety of highlighters. When going over the seminar homework, only highlight the keywords, not the entire sentence. Use different colors of headers, keywords, parts, etc.

Update the index.

If you need to look up a keyword in the index, make a note of the page number next to the keyword you just looked up. You will have an easier time finding what you are searching for later in the testing center if you need to go back in the index.

Watch this video for more tips.

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