Easy Way to Put Together Your Study Plan

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Your Study Plan

Putting it all together.  Set goals and objectives then rank them in order from weakest areas to strongest areas then make a time plan based on them.  Spend more time on your weak subject areas.  Make yourself a ‘base sheet’ for your daily study plan with time allocated to each subject or article you will focus on.  Your personal study plan will be completely different from another electrician’s study plan.

Follow this sequence:

  1. Start with goals and objectives
    1. Objective: Review Transformers Subject Area
    2. Goal: example: Read article 450 and understand Table 450.3(A) Maximum Rating or Setting of Overcurrent Protection for Transformers Over 1000 Volts (as a Percentage of Transformer-Rated Current)
  1. Relate your reading and practice exams to those goals.
  2. Assign priorities to the study plan’s tasks according to your progress measured by the practice questions.
  3. Schedule your study time according to priority and degree of concentration required. If you are a morning person and can spare 1 hour before everyone wakes up and before you have to get ready for work, then this is the perfect time for you.  If you do better after dinner and you can find a quiet place to study, do it then.
  4. Stay on track, using your study plan to guide you through interruptions. Life happens, we get that, however with a study plan set in front of you, you will be able to resume where you left off.

A system we find most useful has the entire 3 to 4 weeks broken up into visible sections.  Each day of the week is divided into two sections titled Read and Practice.  However, exactly how you choose to write up your plan, in which format, and what type of calendar system are less important than the fact that you just do it.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

If you truly want to make more effective use of you time, planning in advance is the best thing you can do for yourself.  A study plan for the electrical exam in writing is the single most effective time management strategy, however only 10% of test takers does it.  The other 90% will always walk into the test center asking themselves, “Where did the time go?”

Need help putting together a study plan for the master electrical exam or the journeyman electrical exam?  Contact us and we’ll set you up.


Best of luck!

Texas Electrical Excel

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