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Don’t Have a Website? Big Mistake

A website large or small is one of the most essential marketing mediums to have.  Regardless if you are a 1-man show or if you have a large company, your leads or clients want to see something about you.  Consumers are visual and the more you can show them the more likely they will hire you to work on their electrical needs.

Your website doesn't need to be large and complex but it must have at least the following:

  • Information about you.
  • Contact information
  • Reviews from past clients
  • Portfolio or pictures of past work
  • Services you perform
  • Service area
Your website should be between 1-4 pages with minimal graphic distractions. Don't forget to add your website domain to your business cards, classified listings, directories and even your e-mail.  

There are too many people listing their services online in classifieds listing and directories without a website.  A website, to the client, holds the electrical company accountable in a way.  The client wants to know you will be around to complete the work and that you strive to maintain your reputation.  I'm sure you've heard horror stories about contractors demanding x amount of payment up-front then vanishing in the dead of the night never to return.  They spoil it for the rest of us, don't they?

There are many places you can sign up for a free and simple-to-put together website.  You don't even need any coding experience, just enough time to play around with different features, colors and fonts.  In most cases you can buy your own domain so your website will be listed as:  friendlyelectrician.com (or .net,.biz, etc).  In some cases, however, for free websites you will need a subdomain which would look something like: friendlyelectrician.thenameofthefreewebsiteproviderhere.com

It doesn't look pretty and screams temporary versus a solid proper domain.

Most of these free website builders require you to allow them to place ads around your website, since they need to make money somehow.

Alternatively you can buy your own domain and buy an in-expense hosting plan where you can create easy websites and without ads all over it.  To have a small website with a proper domain can cost anywhere from $80-150/year.  This includes domain name and a basic hosting plan. (If you design it yourself)

Hosting Sites we Recommend:

We are skilled at web design and development of all kinds-from simple HTML sites as well as back-end web administration (including domain name registration and web and email hosting).  We work with many different content management systems, if you prefer a website you can update on your own going forward.  We work with RV Sitebuilder, WordPress, Blogger, Google Pages and more.  If you don't want to maintain your own site, we can easily do so with our monthly maintenance plans.

Most of our websites are automatically mobile responsive websites built for optimal user experience and viewing from any device at no additional charge for a basic site.

Would you like to speak to us regarding our web design and development?  Call 1-800-801-4085 or email today.

Regardless of how you get your website up and running, just remember these very important things to include:

  • Information about you & your team, add pictures and bios if possible.
  • Contact information- Include phone, after hours phone, email, and mailing address.  If you have a shop, include that address as well.  (we don't recommend including your home address)
  • Reviews from past clients- Start asking for your referrals! The more the better! Or if you are listed in Yelp , Angie's List, or other sites like Yelp, add a link to those referrals.
  • Portfolio or pictures of past work- The more pictures the better. No need to spend money on a professional photographer.  Most phones today have excellent resolution.  Take a before and after picture of every project you take on.
  • Services you perform- This will most likely be more related to residential work.  Remember this list will act as a keyword for your website, so Google will see what type of work you do and connect your client to you when doing a Google search.
  • Service area- Another great way in include helpful keywords for Google to find you during a Google search.  Make sure to include zip codes, neighborhoods and surround towns.
If you have any questions or want us to review your website just send us an e-mail!

HostGator Web Hosting

Here are the current offers for the hosting websites we recommend.

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