Do this everyday if you have tight back, hips or shoulders.

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At the end of the day most of us go home to crash on the couch and tend to our sore muscles. Some of us still have to study through the pain. Trying to get the electrical license when we are also struggling with aches and tightness isn't going to help much. Specially when we have to take pain meds that can knock us out.

Here are the top three blog articles we found on Rafael PT Fitness's blog that can help you start feeling relief.

electricians suffer from back pain

Drink Water for joint health.

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Drinking water can stimulate our production of synovial fluid. Staying hydrated and drinking H2O helps with inflammation too. Try to get at least about 8 glasses of water daily. In the summer, when job sites get hotter, make sure to add a few more ounces of water to your routine.

When the body is dehydrated, you can also get muscle spasms.

Get relief from muscle spasms.

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Back pain sometimes merges from muscle spasms. Spasms largely start when one or the other nerve or muscle fibers cannot act with the other fiber.

Tip: You can perform chest stretches, groin, hamstring, hip, thigh, and triceps stretches to minimizing potential muscle spasms.

Stretch for flexibility and to prevent future injuries.

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Continuing to stretch the muscles with the proper exercises can eliminate or minimize back pain. Stretch regularly to continually increase your range of movements and your level of flexibility and strength.

We get that that our bodies will go through the ringer daily because of the nature of our job, but there are many things you can do.

If you are in Austin, or have access to a phone, we highly recommend you talk to Rafael. He can give you personalized training programs to help correct your posture and strengthen your body to prevent future pain. Check him out and tell him we sent you.

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