PSI Exams updates for the electrical exam

Covid updates for PSI Exams

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Have you scheduled your exam but not sure if you can cancel last minute? Or if you need masks or gloves?

Here are 6 Covid-19 related updates from PSI Exams

1. All reschedule rules and no-show policies are waived. So if you have to cancel last minute, that’s ok. You can reschedule without paying a penalty.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

2. You’ll get a health questionnaire related to potential COVID-19 exposure via email when you schedule your examination.

3. You must bring that with you to the testing center.
(you can get a copy of the health questionnaire from PSI Exams there if you don’t have access to a printer)

4. Face masks are required – otherwise they send you home.

5. You can wear gloves but they will be inspected before and after your testing session.

6. You are required to throw away your face masks and gloves outside of the PSI testing site in a sanitary manner.

NEC code book tables

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Scheduling with PSI Exams

Since they reduced the number of seats available during testing for social distancing, you may not get scheduled on your first choice of testing date.

You can still schedule your electrical exam online or you can get help from a PSI Exams representative.  If you have questions about your appointment or scheduling you can call PSI Exams directly at (833) 333-4741.

Or you can email them at

Make sure to read the Important Notice: Update concerning COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) on PSI Exams’ website.


We hope you are staying safe and keeping focused. We know it’s hard to juggle everything right now. We are here to help.

Got any questions? Comments? Requests?

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