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COVID-19 Update – Seminars

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Must have formulas for your electrical exam

In this time of uncertainty we want to remind you that we are going to continue doing whatever is necessary to help you prepare and pass your electrical exam.


That being said, we are keeping our ears and eyes open for updates and changes from TDLR and PSI Exam.


As of 3/19/2020 here is what’s up with TDLR:


  • PSI testing center is closed.
  • You can reschedule without penalty and at no additional cost.
  • On-line is the best and fastest way to reschedule.
  • All reschedule rules and no show policies are relaxed through April 30th.


As of 3/18/2020 here is what’s up with TDLR:

  • PSI testing center will be closed until April 13 or later if needed.


The bottom line is that if you were already scheduled, go online to reschedule.  You will not be penalized to test at a later date.

Staying covid compliant for electricians in Texas

The seminars in Texas for the electrical exam prep are on-going. With keeping COVID-19 compliant, attendees sit at least 6 feet apart from each other. Nearby bathrooms offer hand soap and clean water for constant hand washing throughout.  

What’s going on with Electrician Testing as of 4/22/20:

  • Attendees sit apart from each other. We are recommending the wear of a facial covering.  Please wash your hands often and do not touch your face or other facility fixtures unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • The seminars are now limited to 10 people which means the seminars fill faster then usual.
  • Playing of the cootie game is strongly recommended: stay away from each other as much as you can.

What’s going on with Electrician Testing as of 3/23/20:

  • All seminars are still scheduled as usual.
  • Dallas seminar in April 4-5 is still going to happen unless the hotel decides to shut down the meeting room. We are in contact with them daily.


    • Back-Up Plan. The seminar has been split up into two weekends.  
      • If you have already registered for this seminar in April 4-5, you will receive a phone call or email to let you know the date you’ll be attending. 
      • We will have no more than 10 people in the room to comply with current regulations.
      • If anyone needs to reschedule the seminar for a different date or location, you can do so without penalty.  


We will make it work for everyone!  The priority is to stay safe and healthy to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Please email or text if you have any further questions, at the moment that is faster than calling in.


Thank you and stay safe!


From TDLR’s website.


March 23
TDLR Waives Continuing Education, Other Requirements
To help keep our licensees ready and available to assist with combatting the spread of the COVID-19 virus, TDLR requested authority from Governor Greg Abbott to suspend certain regulatory requirements statewide. Waiving strict compliance with these regulatory provisions will ensure that services are not hindered or prevented during this very critical time.

The Office of the Governor has granted TDLR the authority to take the following actions:

Waiving continuing education requirements for all licenses expiring in March, April, and May 2020. Licensees will still submit their renewal applications, pay the required fees, and have their criminal histories checked but they will not need to complete any required continuing education requirements this licensing cycle.


March 19, 2020

PSI Examination Rescheduling

TDLR’s provider of licensing examinations, PSI has temporarily closed its test centers due to the outbreak of COVID-19. See the closure notice on the PSI website.


Effective immediately, candidates can reschedule up to and including the day of testing at no penalty and no documentation required. NOTE: In most cases, candidates can reschedule their examinations on-line and they are encouraged to do so. If a candidate chooses to reschedule through our candidate support call center, they may experience longer than usual wait times under the current circumstances.


All reschedule rules and no show policies are relaxed through April 30th.

If you are unable to make your exam and you are reported as a no-show you will be allowed to reschedule at no cost.

In the event that there are restrictions based on eligibility periods or test windows we will work on options with your examination sponsor.

Candidates are encouraged to reschedule on-line. If a candidate chooses to reschedule through PSI’s Candidate Call Center, they can expect to have longer than usual wait times. Call Centers are open: 5:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. PDT M-F, 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. PDT Sat-Sun


March 18, 2020

Testing Sites for Licensing Candidates To Close

Beginning Friday, March 20, 2020, all PSI Examination sites will be closed until April 13. PSI will re-evaluate at that time and decide how they will proceed after April 13. PSI will shut down the scheduling tool via phone and online. PSI will also cancel all scheduled candidates. Candidates will not lose any money, and they will be able to test at a later date.


Licensing candidates whose tests were canceled and who have questions can contact TDLR at


COVID-19 & Seminars FAQ

are the electrical exam prep seminars still going on?Question 1. Are the seminars still going on?
[ANSWER] We are still holding the seminars. But because of COVID-19 we have to keep them to smaller groups which means classes fill even faster. This way we stay COVID-19 compliant and keep you and the instructor safe.
?Question 2. What happens if seminars get cancelled?
[ANSWER] We haven’t had to cancel any classes yet.  We only had to reschedule one seminar. If we end up having to flat out cancel (not reschedule) then you would get your full refund in this case.
?Send us your questions via messenger on Facebook or go on our website for more Frequently Asked Questions.
?You can also send us an email.
Stay safe! ?

Seminars in Texas – Calendar

Learn about the exam prep seminars

This 2-day seminar will guide you step-by-step on the formulas, calculations, code sections, index practice, and guides that are essential knowledge for passing the exam.

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