Electrical Exam Prep

Are You Making These Electrical Exam Mistakes?

The electrical exam is tough. I don’t expect you to become engineers when taking the seminars we teach or anything like that.  By the time we’re done I do hope that you get out of this class the scope of what you’re dealing with. So watch out for the tricks and traps and things that […]

Houston TX Electrical Exam Prep for the PSI

Austin, TX – Electrical Exam Prep May 25-26

If you are wondering if you can pass the electrical exam the answer is YES!  There are several ways to prepare for the electrical test but a guaranteed and easy way is by taking the live electrical exam prep seminar in Texas.   What you get 2 weeks homework 2 day session Tutoring online or […]

How to Use your Tabbed and Highlighted NEC Book

How to use your tab/highlighted book The NEC book will not magically help you pass the exam. The books is highlighted to help you spot the articles that will help you answer questions you will encounter in the electrical exam. The tabs are designed to help you find the articles that are related to the […]

10 Best Practices For the Electrical Exam

When preparing for the electrical exam, don’t just focus on the NEC book or practice questions. There are many other things to deal with and here are some tips. Make sure to visit our blog to read more articles. Tip # 1 Get good rest Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine the night […]

Chapters, Articles and Parts- NEC Layout

The NEC book is over 900 pages long and here is a quick guide to the layout of the book.  Don’t get confused by the layout of the NEC; it’s composed of Chapters, Articles, Sections, Sub Sections, etc.  In reality if you follow the basic layout you are golden.  Here is a quick breakdown of […]

3 Tips About Electrical Exam You Can’t Afford To Miss

Studying for the electrical exam can be daunting if you don’t have a study plan or join a class. Here are some tips we put together for you, we wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on these! Tip #112 Transformer Questions Transformer questions are actually quite simple, however the state exam writers intentionally […]

National Electrical Code – NEC Book

If you are preparing for the electrical exam, make sure to review the state’s candidate information bulletin so that you can purchase exactly what is approved.  Most states only approve the softbound/paperback version of the NEC book.  In the state of Texas, for example, the only book you may use is the latest version of […]

Houston TX Electrical Exam Prep for the PSI

Electrical Exam Prep in Austin, TX May 25 & 26, 2019

Join us for an interactive two-day workshop to prepare for the Journeyman Electrical exam and the Master Electrical exam. Our training team will guide you through the process of studying, attacking and passing the exam with confidence from start to finish. This is an opportunity for you to interact with our team face-to-face and learn the secrets to passing the master or journeyman electrical exam. This 2-day […]