Midland Electrical Exam Prep

Midland Prep Class August 17 & 18, 2019

Come see us for a powerful weekend that will prepare you for your PSI Texas electrician’s test. If you want to feel confident on test questions, calculations, cheat sheets, or formulas: this is the place to go.  So easy it’s almost cheating.  See you there! Sign up today, classes fill fast! August 17 & 18, […]

Master Electrician License

Get Your Master Electrician License in 3 Steps

Master electrician license application. Yes! It’s time for you to get your Master Electrician License and pull your permits AND get a raise! There are 3 steps you have to take in order to make this happen.  It’s not hard, many journeymen electricians have done this but now it’s your turn. Step 1 Apply for […]

Journeyman electrician working

Ready For a Journeyman Electrician License? Learn How

Part 1 – Journeyman electrician application Journeyman electrician license application for the state of Texas – just follow the link. In the state of Texas, in order to become a journeyman electrician, you must have 8,000 hours on-the-job-training.  Proof of hours worked are required so start putting together your work history. The first thing is […]

Our students pass the electrical exam

Electrical Exam Prep in Houston, TX July 20 & 21

Why should I attend the exam prep? Come check out this 2 day crash course to help you get ready for the Journeyman electrical exam and the Master electrical exam.  Our instructor will show you what you have to study for so you can walk into the exam room with confidence.  At this crash course […]

Electrical exam in Texas

3 Electrical Test Problems Everyone Has

According to licensing boards the electrical exam is there to ensure that those practicing electrical work have a knowledge of electrical regulations.  They also want to make sure you have on the job training. Some of the questions in the electrical test requires field knowledge but not all.  However, most of the electrical questions are […]

5 Brilliant Ways To Use the NEC Book for the Electrical Exam

There is one thing you can take in to take the electrical exam and that is the NEC book. Pass the journeyman or master exam with it, we show you how.  The NEC book is a great ally on the field and in the testing center.  The only downside is that the books is very […]

Electrical exam results

Get Better Electrical Exam Results in 3 Steps

Whether you have taken the test before or not you can get better electrical exam results by following these 3 simple steps.  The exam is a bit tricky even with the use of the NEC book. Since the book is massive you will have to find ways to maximize its potential for help.  You’ll want […]

Electrical Exam Prep in Corpus Christi

Learn The Secret of a Successful Electrical Exam in Corpus Christi

What is the secret? Taking the time to study for the electrical exam is THE secret.  If you don’t study for the electrical test you might as well ask the testing center for a failing score and save yourself some time.  There are several components to the electrical exam and remember that the test is […]