Texas Electrical License Registration Forms

Electrical Exam Prep: Reduce Frustration

Exam prep frustration gets all of the electricians who apply for the electrical exam. Did you know there are ways to study and prepare for the licensing exam without spending thousands of dollars? It seems that everywhere you turn someone is asking for almost your entire paycheck just to learn something you already know how […]

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Question and Answer Exam Memorization

Exam memorization is a tricky thing.  Some things are great to memorize but you should not waste time memorizing questions and answers. We have gotten many calls lately asking us if we provide a question answer memorization style of teaching.  The short answer is no.  We do not believe in handing out the fish.  We […]

Texas Electrical License Registration Forms

2014 Code Changes and How it Affect the Texas Exam

With the 2011 Texas exam coming to end, we prepare to understand and review the 2014 NEC® and code changes.  If you didn’t take the 2011 exam don’t worry, the exam is not vastly different….yet.  It typically evolves over time in about (just an estimate here) 6 months.  The exam from 2011 and the exam […]

Texas Electrical License Registration Forms

Styles of Learning- What is YOUR Style?

There are several styles of learning.  Everybody is wired different (no pun intended). So the way we intake information and process it is also different.  Some people learn best by trial and error, in a class setting, one on one or solo with books and software.     We all learned the hard way in […]

Texas Electrical License Registration Forms

Top 8 Test Taking Tips for the PSI Exam Prep

These electrical test taking tips will help you.  Regardless of what you’ve been studying and how you’ve been studying, here are some basic exam prep tips to keep in mind when getting ready for the big one. Test taking tip #1 Give yourself enough time to study Don’t leave it until the last minute to […]