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Electrical Exam Preparation Tips for Service Calculations Test Questions

To really understand service calculations you have to look at the articles first. Take your code book and look at chapter two. Chapter two is one of those chapters that can sometimes be hard to remember how it’s laid out. There’s a lot of stuff that’s in there that might not be easy to recognize. It […]

Decoding the 6 Types of Calculation Questions in the Electrical Exam

When preparing for the electrical exam in Texas, you’ll encounter various question types that test your knowledge and problem-solving skills. Among these, calculation questions are a significant component. In this guide, we’ll delve into the six primary types of calculation questions you can expect to encounter during your electrical exam journey. 1. Motor Calculations Motor […]

electrician test in Texas

Electrician Test in Texas – Definitions, Calculations, Theory, & Plans

Here is our suggested study outline for the PSI exam bulletin outlined items in section one. This section matches the first line item from PSI Examination Bulletin for test contents. Side note:  If you have previously taken your electrical test in Texas, you can use the breakdown we cover in our seminars to assist you […]

three phase formula

Calculating a Three Phase Formula for the Texas NEC License Test

Three Phase Formula Today we are sharing a super quick tip with you.  The biggest error that most test takers make is when calculating a three phase formula.  A three phase system must have the voltage multiplied times a factor of 1.73.  (Or the square root of 3.)  Without getting into heavy math or complex […]

A little bit of homework for you – Grab your NEC and black ink pen

Hello! If you are trying to save some time for yourself during the PSI Electrician license exam, try this out. ?Pro tip -> Write page numbers next to the keywords you look up in the index when you study the NEC. This way the next time you refer to the index you can quickly go […]

PSI Exams Questions for the Texas Electrical License

PSI Exam Questions commonly asked. There are some questions we’ve been getting lately about PSI Exams. PSI Exams is where you schedule your electrical exam.  This is also where you go take the exam. Feel free to ask your question if you don’t see the answer in this email or on our FAQ page.  If […]

Articles to read for the electrical exam

4 Articles You Must Read for the Electrician Exam

Articles to help you prepare for the exam. This year we are going strong helping you study for the 2020 NEC license test.  We just finished our January seminar and getting ready for the next one! We are working hard to get more resources for you online. Just tell us what you want to see. […]

Texas PSI Exam – NEC Chapter 2 Important Articles

Texas PSI Exam seminar sneak peek. Click here to learn more about our seminars.  There are some sections of chapter 2 that you will run across on in the exam. You’ll also have some smaller sections that we are not going to focus on today because they account for less than 2 questions out of 100. Here […]

code question for the PSI electrical exam

Code Question and Exemptions – Don’t Get Fooled

Code question for the electrical exam and their traps.  We’ve been talking about tips for your NEC code book and some questions that are a bit tricky.   This next tip right here is absolutely one of the major tips I’ve got to tell you about.  And that is code question exceptions.  If you look […]

Electrical Test Question

Top Electrical Test Question Answered & Free Download

Electrical test question.   This year we saw the same questions pop up on our analytics page.  The recurring theme being that electricians need help knowing how to take the test and how to prepare for the test.   If you are in the early stages of preparing to take the electrical test, this article […]