April 2016 Questions by Mike Holt

Mike Holt is a regular author over at EC&M.  As an expert in the industry he lends his expertise and shares answers to many head-scratching matters.  Download this free pdf for the questions he tackles this month.  Share with your friends!   (Click the image to open the pdf)   Be sure to check out […]

Electrical Exam Prep Tip #103

  Helpful Tip # 103 We strongly encourage you to learn to utilize the Table of Contents in the FRONT OF THE CODE BOOK. On the Journeyman’s exam for example, 19 questions, a full 25% of your exam will come from Chapter Three items. The table of contents is a MUCH FASTER tool to find […]

Article 690 Terminology

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Part 1 – Article 690 based on the 2014 NEC by Mike Holt   By Mike Holt, NEC Consultant   Though it covers solar power systems, Article 690 is not light reading. Article 690, consisting of eight Parts, applies to Photovoltaic (PV) electrical energy systems, array circuit(s), inverter(s), and charge controller(s) for […]

Electrician’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

Here is another reason why we love Mike Holt. He has put together a very helpful guide to marketing on social media sites. Social Media marketing is the new way to promote your electrical business; it’s free, real-time, and readily accessible by all your target audience. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enroll in night […]

Grounding and Bonding Services- Slide Deck

This is a slide deck from NEC Connect.   If you would like to download the Slide Deck, click here. Recent Posts Everything you Need to Know on Getting a New Electrical License Sign up for a free practice electrical exam with Jade Learning Electrical Exam Prep Tip #152 – None of the Above Electrical Exam […]

The following questions are from “Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Electrical Exam Preparation- Theory • Calculations • Code”, Includes Mike’s NEC Practice Questions Workbook.

Free Practice Questions- Exam Prep Quiz 2

The following questions are from “Mike Holt’s Illustrated Guide to Electrical Exam Preparation: Theory • Calculations • Code”, Includes Mike’s NEC Practice Questions Workbook. Whether you have attended our live seminars, online seminars or just want to study on your own, this book is the perfect companion. Mike explains Theory, Calculations and Code in colorful […]

Watch For INSTALLATION Clues and Similar Type Circuits

Here is an excerpt for the Crash Course Book, you can get one from the Texas Live Seminars: “THE SINGLE LARGEST MISTAKE WE SEE TIME AGAIN, is the feeling that because this is an open book exam, AND because you have a Key Word Index in the back, ANYONE can look up the answers. That’s […]

What’s in the Exam?

This is probably the top question on your mind.  You probably want to know exactly just what is on the exam.  Even if you have taken the exam before you may not have a good idea of what subject areas are in the exam due to traps and question misdirection. Each state examiner like the […]

Equipotential Bonding Article 680 NEC

Equipotential Bonding in and Around Swimming Pools, Article 680 NEC®http://necconnect.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/05/70RR-01-PDF.pdf A person who is immersed in a pool or who is dripping wet has a large amount of exposed skin, and if lying or walking on a concrete deck or other conductive perimeter surface, is extremely vulnerable to any differences in electrical potential that might […]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Small Electrical Contractors

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who operate from their own home or office and typically work on a project basis for small to mid-size entrepreneurs. Kathy Colaiacovo, marketing director for the International Virtual Assistants Association, says “Of all companies, small businesses are the most likely to hire virtual assistants.  A mom-and-pop operation does not necessarily need […]