Electrician’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

Here is another reason why we love Mike Holt. He has put together a very helpful guide to marketing on social media sites. Social Media marketing is the new way to promote your electrical business; it’s free, real-time, and readily accessible by all your target audience. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enroll in night […]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Small Electrical Contractors

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who operate from their own home or office and typically work on a project basis for small to mid-size entrepreneurs. Kathy Colaiacovo, marketing director for the International Virtual Assistants Association, says “Of all companies, small businesses are the most likely to hire virtual assistants.  A mom-and-pop operation does not necessarily need […]

Want to be a Contractor in Texas? Learn How

Been thinking about starting your own business?   Are you a Master Electrician wanting to work for yourself? Do you want to start a business but don’t know where to start? Here is a step by step on how to start your electrical contractor business in Texas. Oh the American dream.  It’s free and perfectly […]

Change and Duplicate License Request- Texas

This morning an electrician in Texas called asking for help finding the form that will help him change his information with TDLR.  In case you are needing to make changes, like a change of address, change of name or if you want to request a duplicate or reprint of your license, this is the form […]

4 Things Every Residential Customer Wants from You

They want an electrical contractor…1. With lots of reviews The majority of residential customers go online to research and find electrical contractors. One of the biggest things they’re looking for are reviews. Electrical contractors with a minimum of 5 reviews receive almost 10 times as many residential contacts. 2. Who is credentialed You’re licensed and […]

Disaster Strikes- TDLR Fast Tracks & Waives

  Our thoughts and prayer are with our neighbors here in Texas with all the historic flooding and tornadoes we are experiencing.  Now is the time to rise and help each other rebuild our lives and put this behind us.  With that in mind, TDLR is  providing fast-track services for individuals, facilities, and businesses located in the affected […]

Don’t Have a Website? Big Mistake

A website large or small is one of the most essential marketing mediums to have.  Regardless if you are a 1-man show or if you have a large company, your leads or clients want to see something about you.  Consumers are visual and the more you can show them the more likely they will hire […]

#1 Priority for Contractor: Business Plans & Why You Need One

Business Plans & Why You Need One         Everyone in the business of business will ask, “If you were planning a road trip, would you travel without a map.”  The answer is often “No” (or so I hope).  If you are starting a business, would you start one without a plan?  Many people are […]

Texas 7-Step; How to Start a Business in Texas

What every start-up needs to know in the state of Texas. Congratulations, you finally decided to start your side business or go at it full time.  It is so exciting and a tad overwhelming especially when you don’t know where to start.  Whether you’re thinking about starting your own electrical contractor business or you need […]

Electrical Phone Apps

How to add a webpage on your iPhone or iPad’s home page like an App for easy access. Many guys have asked us how they can reference the free tables and indexes we have on our blog and website.  Here is a simple step-by-step picture tutorial on how to accomplish this. You can do this […]