Electrical Exam Prep Tip #110 – Conductor Mistakes

BE CAREFUL HOW THEY WORD THE NUMBER OF CONDUCTORS. They note that “A 250 kcmil …. Conductor … WITH (3) other similar conductors…” therefore we are actually dealing with a total of 4 conductors. This is a common wording used by the state exam writers and it causes many test takers to be fooled.  www.TexasElectricalExam.com

Electrical Exam Prep Tip #109

It is attention to minute, specific details that can make a 5-to-10 point difference on a test examiners score. It is highly imperative to reread a test question after you think you’ve formulated your answer just to ensure that you have in fact actually picked the answer that matches exactly word for word either the […]

Electrical Exam Prep Tip #108 – Inches

Usually in the field, we express answers or express measurements as square inches or square feet or cubic feet such as 39.37 sq. in. The code; however, states the inches in parentheses and then has the word square on the outside. Example: (39.37 in.) square   www.TexasElectricalExam.com

Electrical Exam Prep Tip #107 – Exam Questions

  One of the key items about the PSI exam in Texas is that the test writers are very specific with the phraseology and wording of both a test question and the answer. One critical component that you have to pay attention to; is literally, how does your answer matchup word for word from an […]

10 Questions based on Jade Learning’s Demo Exam


Not too long ago we were talking about putting together a website that would have an online simulated exam that would give electricians electrical exam questions similar to the actual electrical exam.  On top of providing electrical questions, we wanted there to be a score report at the end of each simulated exam that would break down the score by the electrical exam subject areas.  We figured if electricians had a practice test that would also grade them the same way the real exam does, they would have a better chance of passing the electrical exam by knowing what subject areas they should focus on.

Well, after some research we found out that not only was our idea a great one but that someone else had already come up with an online simulated exam prep for electricians who were taking their electrical exam!  Here are 10 questions based on Jade Learning’s Free Demo simulated electrical exam.  Not only should you quiz yourself now but you should follow this link to register to take their free demo so you can see what it actually looks like.  You will find the answers to these questions on Jade Learning. If you get the wrong answer, Jade Learning provides you with the correct question as well as reference on the electrical code book or step by step calculation explanations.

Since the PSI electrical exam is computer based, it is very important to start getting used to taking the electrical exam on a computer.  You don’t want to be caught off guard the day of the electrical exam if you are computer shy.



Question #1.

What is the current on the secondary of a 480V/208V three-phase transformer rated 112.5 KVA?  Round answer to the nearest whole number.


Select one:

  1. 180 amps.
  2. 313 amps.
  3. 208 amps.
  4. 135 amps.


Question #2.

Switches and circuit breakers shall be so installed that the center of the operating handle, when in its highest position, will not be more than _______ above the floor or working platform.


Select one:

  1. 5 feet.
  2. 6 feet.
  3. 7 feet.
  4. 6 feet, 7 inches.


Questions #3.

What is the required dedicated equipment space for switchboards, panelboards and motor control centers?


Select one:

  1. The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 6 feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower.
  2. The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 8 feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower.
  3. The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 6½ feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower.
  4. The space equal to the width and depth of the equipment and extending from the floor to a height of 4 feet above the equipment or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower.


Question #4.

What size conductor, Type THHN, cu., is required to supply a 125 amp load if the terminals on the equipment are rated for 75°C?


Select one:

  1. 1/0 AWG
  2. No. 2 AWG
  3. 2/0 AWG
  4. No. 1 AWG


Question #5.

What is the neutral load on a single-phase service for a 2400 sq. ft. house with a 10 kW range, 5 kW dryer, a 120-V, 1.5 kW dishwasher, and 5 kW water heater?


Select one:

  1. 62 amps.
  2. 69 amps.
  3. 76 amps.
  4. 99 amps.


Question #6.

When installing service conductors as either open conductors, or as multiconductor cable without an overall outer jacket, what is the minimum clearance from windows, doors, porches, balconies, ladders, stairs, fire escapes, or similar locations?     


Select one:

  1. 3 feet.
  2. 6 feet.
  3. 2 feet.
  4. 8 feet.


Question #7.

A branch circuit supplies continuous and noncontinuous loads.  The rating of the overcurrent device cannot be less than:


Select one:

  1. The noncontinuous load plus 150% of the continuous load.
  2. The continuous load plus 125% of the noncontinuous load.
  3. 125% of the continuous load plus 125% of the noncontinuous load.
  4. The noncontinuous load plus 125% of the continuous load.


Question #8.

When nonmetallic-sheathed cable enters a nonmetallic box, how far must the sheath extend into the box?


Select one:

  1. 1 inch.
  2. ½ inch.
  3. ¼ inch.
  4. ¾ inch.


Question #9.

When run across the top of floor joists in an attic that is not accessible by stairs, Armored Cable (Type AC) cables must be protected by guard strips if the cables are installed within _____ of the attic entrance?


Select one:

  1. 6 ft.
  2. 10 ft.
  3. 7 ft.
  4. 3 ft.


Question #10.

A 400 amp service uses 600 kcmil conductors.  The unbalanced load is 100 amps. What is the minimum size of the grounded conductor?


Select one:

  1. 2/0 AWG.
  2. No. 3 AWG.
  3. 1/0 AWG.
  4. No. 2 AWG.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you.  As always, if you have any exam prep tips you feel could be used on this website, send us and e-mail so we can share your tips with other electricians.  

Thank you for reading.


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