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Final 2017 NEC PSI Exam in Austin TX July 18 & 19

PSI Exam Prep for the Electrical License 2017 NEC Version Austin TX. July 18 & 19, 2020 Small Class Size Pre-registration is required to attend. Due to COVID-19, this class is smaller than usual. Saturday & Sunday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Learn More Register Pass Guaranteed. We stick with you until you pass. Pass […]

Electricians studying for the electrical exam need quality food and exercise

Top 5 Health Tips for Electricians Taking the Exam

Electricians taking the exam.   We interviewed personal trainer & corrective exercise specialist Rafael Ortiz to get some great tips for you.  Rafael owns Rafael PT Fitness in Austin Texas and specializes in joint pain relief and posture correction.   Electricians studying for the electrical exam have stress.  You have work and home life to […]

The Electrician Exam Schedule for the Master & Journeyman License

Electrician exam schedule.   Here is the information you need to get your master or your journeyman license.  This information is specifically for the state of Texas.  Feel free to forward this to a friend, co-worker, or your boss.   Who gives the electrician exam? PSI exams administers the electrician exam and posts the schedule. When […]

Texas PSI Exam – NEC Chapter 2 Important Articles

Texas PSI Exam seminar sneak peek. Click here to learn more about our seminars.  There are some sections of chapter 2 that you will run across on in the exam. You’ll also have some smaller sections that we are not going to focus on today because they account for less than 2 questions out of 100. Here […]

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NEC Code Test Prep 2020 Update & Free Download

NEC Code Test Prep. Welcome to the year 2020!  Well, for us in Texas we are still in the year 2017. That means that if you plan to take your electrical exam, you will be using the 2017 NEC code book.   Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations is adopting the 2020 NEC code by […]

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PSI Electrical Exam Prep with Practice Exams – Houston TX May 16 & 17

Electrical Exam Prep with practice exams. Homework. Live instruction. Read more about the seminar that has helped hundreds of electricians pass their electrical exam in Texas.   Electrical Exam Prep with practice exams in Houston Dates: May 16 & 17, 2020 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM   Tuition: Master exam prep $349 Journeyman exam prep […]

Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update – Seminars

COVID-19 Update – THIS PAGE IS UPDATED OFTEN, CHECK BACK FOR NEW INFORMATION POSTED AT THE END.   In this time of uncertainty we want to remind you that we are going to continue doing whatever is necessary to help you prepare and pass your electrical exam.   That being said, we are keeping our […]

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Q&A – Do I Need to Prove my Hours to Apply for the Journeyman License?

Apply for the Journeyman License I found this question on a page for electricians on Facebook, and was surprised to see many varying answers.  Most of them were correct and some were guessing trying to help.   “Does anyone know if the 8000 hours are required to be completed with a master electrician to apply […]

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Code Question and Exemptions – Don’t Get Fooled

Code question for the electrical exam and their traps.  We’ve been talking about tips for your NEC code book and some questions that are a bit tricky.   This next tip right here is absolutely one of the major tips I’ve got to tell you about.  And that is code question exceptions.  If you look […]