Taking the electrical exam tomorrow

Is it time to renew your electrician license?

Here is what you need to know. Electricians holding the Texas electrician license must renew their license every year. Currently, due to the pandemic, “TDLR licensees with a renewable license expiring on or after August 1, 2020 and before or on September 18, 2021 are considered to hold an emergency license valid for up to […]

Are These Electrical Workbooks Good for the TX Electrical Exam?

Electrical workbooks One of things we constantly say is that if you are getting ready to take the electrical exam you need to use electrical workbooks or enroll in courses. But if you are taking the exam for the Texas electrical license, you should stick to studying material based on the same exam. If you […]

How to Alleviate Stiff Joints From Working on the Field

Stiff joints. Working for hours on the field can come with some joint stiffness. Instead of simply relying on pain killers to mask the issue, there are ways to recover and prevent future stiffness. Before you hit the couch and a nice cold beer, do some trigger pointing and some stretches for relief. Repeat them […]

PSI Exams Questions for the Texas Electrical License

PSI Exam Questions commonly asked. There are some questions we’ve been getting lately about PSI Exams. PSI Exams is where you schedule your electrical exam.  This is also where you go take the exam. Feel free to ask your question if you don’t see the answer in this email or on our FAQ page.  If […]

Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

Taking the electrical exam tomorrow? Read these tips

Are you taking the electrical exam tomorrow? Here are some last minute tips for the electrical exam.  If you are taking the journeyman license exam, you can skip tip #3.  Hope these help! Electrical exam prep tip #1 The one thing you do need to remember is you need to get some good rest tonight. […]

Houston TX Electrical Exam Prep for the PSI

Tutoring Session: 3 Tips for the Master Electrical Exam

Master electrical exam tips from the latest tutoring session below. Most students pass the exam the first time after taking the Texas live seminar. But some don’t. And that’s ok because the test is actually pretty hard.  Also, we stick with all students until they pass their exam. When they can’t return to the seminar for […]

Use This Study Companion Quizlet to Study for the Electrical Exam

Quizlet for the electrical exam. I like to recommend Quizlet to people who are studying because it has many different features that are actually pretty helpful. Especially when you are trying to memorize facts. The cool thing about Quizlet is that you can use it on the computer or you can download their app. So […]

Brain Fog

5 Ways to Break Through Brain Fog for the Electrical Exam

If you are struggling to retain what you are studying, your brain might be hungry. As we age, we have to keep on top of our brain to feed it what it needs to keep it going. Certain vitamins and minerals can help the brain learn new things. Some foods can also help with memory. […]

NEC Book Tips for the electrical exam in Texas

Do This to Your NEC Book Right Now

To prep for the electrical exam, grab your NEC book and do these 4 things.  Real quick, make sure to share this post with someone who could use this info. 1. Get some tabs. Put the tabs that correspond to tables on the top portion of your book. This way, you can differentiate the articles from […]