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Articles with the most test questions

Here are the top 6 articles that typically has the most test questions in the journeyman electrical exam and the master electrical exam. (In descending order)

IMG_2333Article #1 210 (page 51)

Article #2 320 (page 193)-398 (page 259)

Article #3 517 (page 462) -590 (page 540)

Article #4 110 (page 36)

Article #5 250 (page 106)

Article #6 430 (page 323)



In our Texas electrical exam prep seminars we teach our students the specific 10 sections that are in the electrical exam.  Our students also go home with an extremely detailed 14-day homework material that will keep them practicing what they have learned in the seminar.  These 6 articles are the heaviest articles in the exam for both the journeyman electrical exam and the master electrical exam.  There are more articles that we pay extra attention to as well and if you have the opportunity to sit in our seminar, you’ll receive those and much more.  In the seminar we also give our students practice exam questions that relate to the articles in the exam to help them become familiar with the questions, categories, articles, NEC book, and help them understand the material in those articles.   Not only that, part of the 14-day homework material includes access to our online database of simulated exams.

If you are looking to for a book to study with, I recommend studying on your own with Mike Holt’s Electrical Exam Preparation guide.  For a limited time, if you order this book you’ll receive the full list the articles with the number of questions per article and categories they fall under.

Happy studying! Make sure to read our other blogs which are full of useful information (and FREE) for you.  Don’t wanna miss a thing? Subscribe today!

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