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Article 690 Terminology

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems Part 1 – Article 690 based on the 2014 NEC by Mike Holt


By Mike Holt, NEC Consultant


Though it covers solar power systems, Article 690 is not light reading.

Article 690, consisting of eight Parts, applies to Photovoltaic (PV) electrical energy systems, array circuit(s), inverter(s), and charge controller(s) for PV systems. The requirements of Chapters 1 through 4 apply to these installations, except as specifically modified by Article 690.

These systems may be interactive with other electrical power sources or stand-alone with (or without) energy storage (batteries).

Article 690 might be the most difficult NEC Article to navigate. For several cycles, Article 690 requirements didn’t really change that much. Then a huge influx of changes occurred due to the sudden popularity of these systems.

The good news is the 2014 NEC cleaned up many areas of confusion. The bad news is the 2014 NEC introduced new technical changes (to keep up with changing technology) and other changes that could be confusing. But considering what a moving target solar has been lately, CMP 4 has done an amazing job.

What does that mean?

Most of us don’t enjoy reading definitions. But the specialized terminology in Article 690 means you must do exactly that. Let’s get straight what these key terms mean.


Download the full article in pdf format here: Solar Photovoltaic Systems Part 1 - Article 690 based on the 2014 NEC

Not only did we want to share this article with you but wanted to make it even more useful by putting together some online flashcards to help you learn and truly take in this terminology.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam



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