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We all know article 100 is the DEFINITIONS article.

This does not mean that general terms or technical terms from related codes and standards will be found in this article.  Article 100 only includes definitions are that essential to the proper application of the Code.  Also, keep in mind that only the terms that are used at least in 2 articles or more will be found in Article 100.  For those terms that only apply to 1 article, you'll find them inside of that specific Article.  A good example of this is Article 406 Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps).  In 406.2 Definition they include Child Care Facility.  You will not find Child Care Facility anywhere in Article 100 because it only applies to article 406.

Article 100 is also broken up into 2 parts.

Part I contains definitions that are intended to apply where the terms are used through the Code.

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Part II however, contains definitions that apply only to articles and parts of articles that specifically cover installations and equipment operating at over 600 volts, nominal.  When you are in the test center (actually when you are preparing for the exam) start getting used to using Article 100 by parts.  This will save you time in the exam.  Now that you know articles and parts of articles that cover installations and equipment that deals with over 600 volts, nominal, you'll know to head right on to Part II of Article 100 which is on page 35.  While you are at it, make yourself a little tag or write this down on your table of contents.

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