Are These Electrical Workbooks Good for the TX Electrical Exam?

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Electrical workbooks

One of things we constantly say is that if you are getting ready to take the electrical exam you need to use electrical workbooks or enroll in courses. But if you are taking the exam for the Texas electrical license, you should stick to studying material based on the same exam.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

If you are using electrical workbooks or videos from electrical instructors from outside of Texas, be sure to read this.

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Most Electrical Workbooks are Good Sources

Here's the thing, they've got really good stuff when it comes to generally learning about the code and things. Those workbooks are good sources for that, but on this particular Texas test you've got to be very careful.

Remember that the Texas test has some differences from other state exams. An example of one of the things about this Texas electrical test is the 'exceptions rule'.

Keep it Texas - Specific for the Electrical Exam

This "exceptions rule" that we do have in the Texas exam is night and day different from other states and will totally change the way you apply certain steps of math. So be careful of that.

For testing purposes, we do not use exceptions in the state of Texas unless that question flat out says you're allowed to use exceptions in this question.

And the thing with exam prep workbook by authors from outside the state of Texas, is that they're writing for a much more of a broader audience. Since the 'exceptions rule' is only a Texas thing, that doesn't get included.

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Be Careful with Some Electrical Workbooks

You have to be careful with certain things because when it comes to motor breakers all the rounding and stuff that we do, there is an exception. So you have to be incredibly careful because if you do what you normally do in the field, according to the authors of the workbooks, it will not be the right answer necessarily on the on the Texas exam. And that is just one example.

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Beyond Electrical Workbooks - Take This Seminar

So if you are getting ready to take the electrical exam, check out our seminars coming up. Be sure to sign up as early as possible because these seats get sold at least a month in advance. And a Texas specific electrical workbook is included!

We hope this article helps!

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electrical workbooks

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