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Effective October 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the

2023 NEC Code Book

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Here is a short story of how this business came to be:  

In 2006 we were going to take the electrical exam.  Even though it was open book, we still didn’t know exactly where to start or what to focus on.  Sound familiar?

So we signed up for a weekend seminar. But after waking up from an expensive weekend  ? nap we decided it was time to create our own seminar.

The start of something new

electrical exam prep course

We wanted to make it easier for guys out there that were in the same boat.  First we had to cut out the boring stuff ? and only focus on what is needed for the exam in Texas.

The results was amazing. This seminar has helps thousands of electricians pass their license exam.  I remember we got our first client within hours of launching our little website.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

We knew we were onto something when we filled out our very first seminar in days!  The first few months weren’t perfect but we quickly learned to mold the seminar to make it even better.

The Competition

Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

There have been others trying to do what we do. But we have our spin that makes our seminars unique.  It’s definetely something we can’t exactly put into words. But our passion for this and our strong desire to help electricians pass their exam is what has helped us stick out from the competition.

We are here for you

Electrical exam prep seminar

If you are also having trouble getting started but you know you have to get your license this year, check us out!  You are the reason why we created this seminar.  We get that your ultimate goal in life is to take care of yourself and your family, not spend months running around stressed out trying to prove that you know your electrical stuff.

Here are some things we cover

electrical exam prep course

As licensing procedures and testing procedures evolve, so do we.  Here is a glimpse of what we cover in the seminars.

Agenda & Subject Areas covered for the Texas electrical exam

  • General Electrical Theory and Math Review
  • Definitions, Calculations, Theory and Plans
  • Test taking tips and information
  • Wiring Methods, Materials, Installations
  • Branch Circuits
  • Motors and Generators
  • AC and Refrigeration Loads
  • Transformers
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Electrical Services
  • Special Occupancies
  • Service Equipment and Conditions
  • Separately Derived Systems
  • Electrical Feeders
  • Branch Calculations and Conductors
  • Electrical Equipment and Devices
  • Electrical Control Devices and Disconnecting Means

Start now

Electrical exam results

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Texas electrical exam prep seminar.

Register for the 2-day electrical exam in Texas.

If you want everything laid out and want an uncomplicated guide to passing the exam – you found it!  Register for the electrical seminar here. If you don’t pass, we stick with you until you do – that’s our pass guarantee.

Thanks for reading & stay safe!

Prepare. Pass. Excel.

? PS. Share this post with anyone you think could benefit from getting their electrical license this year.

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This 2-day seminar will guide you step-by-step on the formulas, calculations, code sections, index practice, and guides that are essential knowledge for passing the exam.

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