A little bit of homework for you – Grab your NEC and black ink pen

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If you are trying to save some time for yourself during the PSI Electrician license exam, try this out.

?Pro tip ->

Write page numbers next to the keywords you look up in the index when you study the NEC.

This way the next time you refer to the index you can quickly go to the designated page during your electrician license exam.

Not sure how to start?
?If you are following workbooks, mark the articles that most commonly pop up in the practice questions.  Also mark any other important keyword that you have trouble remembering where it is in the book.

?If you attended our seminar, grab the handouts we gave you.  You’ll notice that on the homework list, you have the exact articles you will need to read and highlight.  Go to the back of the NEC and mark the keywords and article subjects.  The list has all been done for you!

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Prepare. Pass. Excel.

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