Different Versions of the PSI Electrician License Exam

Different Versions of the PSI Electrician License Exam

If you are retaking the exam or if you are planning on taking it over and over until you pass, you should read this. Retaking the exam will put you in a different position and you might get lucky and get some of the first questions you have in the first test this next time.  […]

NEC Book Tips for the electrical exam in Texas

Top Test Taking Tips for Electricians

Many test takers can’t find the motivation to crack open the books after a long day at work. Or some have trouble focusing or managing other areas of their lives. So we rounded up our blog posts with our top test taking tips for electricians who are getting ready for their license exam. If you […]

Study habits for the electrician license exam

If you are procrastinating and putting the electrical exam prep to the side like a lot of us are doing, that just makes you human. But it is time to get up, pick up a few books and get cracking. I know this project seems daunting but with a little bit of help, organization and […]

Are These Electrical Workbooks Good for the TX Electrical Exam?

Electrical workbooks One of things we constantly say is that if you are getting ready to take the electrical exam you need to use electrical workbooks or enroll in courses. But if you are taking the exam for the Texas electrical license, you should stick to studying material based on the same exam. If you […]

PSI Exams Questions for the Texas Electrical License

PSI Exam Questions commonly asked. There are some questions we’ve been getting lately about PSI Exams. PSI Exams is where you schedule your electrical exam.  This is also where you go take the exam. Feel free to ask your question if you don’t see the answer in this email or on our FAQ page.  If […]

Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

Taking the electrical exam tomorrow? Read these tips

Are you taking the electrical exam tomorrow? Here are some last minute tips for the electrical exam.  If you are taking the journeyman license exam, you can skip tip #3.  Hope these help! Electrical exam prep tip #1 The one thing you do need to remember is you need to get some good rest tonight. […]

Houston TX Electrical Exam Prep for the PSI

Tutoring Session: 3 Tips for the Master Electrical Exam

Master electrical exam tips from the latest tutoring session below. Most students pass the exam the first time after taking the Texas live seminar. But some don’t. And that’s ok because the test is actually pretty hard.  Also, we stick with all students until they pass their exam. When they can’t return to the seminar for […]

Use This Study Companion Quizlet to Study for the Electrical Exam

Quizlet for the electrical exam. I like to recommend Quizlet to people who are studying because it has many different features that are actually pretty helpful. Especially when you are trying to memorize facts. The cool thing about Quizlet is that you can use it on the computer or you can download their app. So […]