NEC Practice Test

Start With This NEC Practice Test Book – For the Electrical Exam

NEC practice test.   This blog posts contains Amazon affiliate links.  This means that we earn a small percentage on any items you may purchase using these links.  This is at no cost to you at all.   Understandably, when you sign up for your license you may be overwhelmed by the huge exam you […]

10 Best Practices For the Electrical Exam

When preparing for the electrical exam, don’t just focus on the NEC book or practice questions. There are many other things to deal with and here are some tips. Make sure to visit our blog to read more articles. Tip # 1 Get good rest Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine the night […]

study challenge

The 13-Day Study Challenge: Mastering Electrical Exam Prep

Are you gearing up for the Texas Electrical Licensing Exam after taking our 2-day crash course seminar? If so, you’re likely aware that success hinges on thorough preparation and in-depth knowledge of electrical concepts and codes. You are also aware that you left the seminar with homework material to help you through this. To help […]

Texas Electrician License Exam Prep: Garages and Basements in Load Calculations

Preparing for the Texas electrician license exam requires not only a deep understanding of electrical concepts but also a keen awareness of how to apply them correctly. In this guide, we’ll delve into two crucial aspects of load calculations—garages and basements—and how comprehending their role is essential for success on the Texas electrician license exam. […]

The 10 Subjects and 22 Categories on the Texas Electrical Exam

When it comes to the Texas electrical exam, understanding its structure and content is essential for success. This comprehensive exam evaluates your knowledge and skills across various subject areas and categories. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of the Texas electrical exam, breaking down the 10 subject areas and 22 categories to […]

Electrical Exam Diagnostic Report

Texas Electrical Exam Diagnostic Report: Your Key to Success

When it comes to passing the Texas Electrical Exam, preparation is key. But what happens if you don’t pass on your first attempt? Don’t be discouraged; instead, see it as an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and increase your chances of success. One valuable resource that you receive if you don’t pass the exam is […]

study challenge

Understanding the Texas Electrical Exam Timeline: Don’t Let Your Opportunity Expire

When pursuing an electrical license in Texas, it’s crucial to be aware of the timeline set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Once your application is approved, you have a one-year window to pass the electrical exam. Let’s explore the importance of this timeline and what happens if you don’t meet the […]

Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

Key Tip for Effective Electrician License Exam Preparation

As we move through to the next version of the NEC book, I’d like to pass along a piece of advice that completely changes the many electricians in Texas prepare for their electrical exam. Whether or not you agree, the fact remains that this understanding is still crucial after more than 15 years of work […]

Indirect Definitions

A Guide to Acing Your Texas Electrical License Exam

Achieving licensure as an electrician in Texas is a thrilling journey, but it requires acing the electrical license exam. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide offers valuable strategies and practical tips to help you navigate the path to success. Understand the Exam Requirements and Format Before diving into your studies, it’s essential to understand the landscape of […]