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PSI Electrical Exam Prep with Practice Exams – Houston TX May 16 & 17

Electrical Exam Prep with practice exams. Homework. Live instruction. Read more about the seminar that has helped hundreds of electricians pass their electrical exam in Texas.   Electrical Exam Prep with practice exams in Houston Dates: May 16 & 17, 2020 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM   Tuition: Master exam prep $349 Journeyman exam prep […]

Electrical Exam Practice Exam Prep Kit 2018

We know that applying for the electrical license comes with a bunch of requirements that make your head spin.  On top of all that you must take and pass the electrical test.  To help you get started (with your head on) we created a free e-book with tips, study plan guidelines and practice exams questions.  […]

NEC Practice Test

Start With This NEC Practice Test Book – For the Electrical Exam

NEC practice test.   This blog posts contains Amazon affiliate links.  This means that we earn a small percentage on any items you may purchase using these links.  This is at no cost to you at all.   Understandably, when you sign up for your license you may be overwhelmed by the huge exam you […]

10 Best Practices For the Electrical Exam

When preparing for the electrical exam, don’t just focus on the NEC book or practice questions. There are many other things to deal with and here are some tips. Make sure to visit our blog to read more articles. Tip # 1 Get good rest Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine the night […]

Sign up for a free practice electrical exam with Jade Learning

Did you know the electrical exam for the master license and the journeyman license are computer based?  Well, you do now.   I have seen many guys make mistakes on the field but they have the chance to learn and correct themselves for next time.  But do you really want to learn the hard way […]

Articles to read for the electrical exam

4 Articles You Must Read for the Electrician Exam

Articles to help you prepare for the exam. This year we are going strong helping you study for the 2020 NEC license test.  We just finished our January seminar and getting ready for the next one! We are working hard to get more resources for you online. Just tell us what you want to see. […]

Seminar in Houston TX for the PSI electrical exam

PSI Exam Prep 2020 NEC in Houston TX Seminar

Prepare. Pass. Excel. Join other electricians to prepare and pass for the electrical exam in Texas.   You will: Learn how you can increase your exam score Pass the exam with time to spare Familiarize yourself with the latest version of the NEC book Learn or review all categories and subject areas in the exam […]

Electrical Exam Prep

You Can Now Take the Journeyman Electrician Exam Earlier

Journeyman Electrician exam qualification update. Have you seen this update?  As of today, apprentice electricians who want their Journeyman License can take their tests early! This just in from TDLR “Journeyman Electrician applicants can now test early” Instead of waiting until you have 8,000 hours, you can test at 7,000 hours!Once you pass the test […]

Preparing for the Exam for Electricians

NEC Book – Open Book Test for the Electrical Exam in Texas

NEC Book – Open Book Test for the Electrical Exam in Texas   To take the electrical exam in Texas you are allowed to bring in your NEC book.  That is great news since an open book test gives you a greater chance of passing.  There are some rules and other things to consider so […]