Electrical Code Book Survival Guide

Electrical Code Book Survival Guide

If you’re studying for the electrical exam, make sure to read the state’s candidate information bulletin so you know exactly what to buy. You can download that here.  The softbound/paperback edition of the NEC book  is only approved in the majority of states. In Texas, for example, the only book that can be used is […]

electrician test in Texas

Electrician Test in Texas – Definitions, Calculations, Theory, & Plans

Here is our suggested study outline for the PSI exam bulletin outlined items in section one. This section matches the first line item from PSI Examination Bulletin for test contents. Side note:  If you have previously taken your electrical test in Texas, you can use the breakdown we cover in our seminars to assist you […]

three phase formula

Calculating a Three Phase Formula for the NEC Test

Effective October 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the 2023 NEC Code Book Three Phase Formula Today we are sharing a super quick tip with you.  The biggest error that most test takers make is when calculating a three phase formula.  A three phase system must have the voltage multiplied times a factor […]

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Secret to a Successful Electrical Exam Preparation – Free download

Electrical exam preparation free download.   This week I want to share a very important tip for a successful electrical exam preparation and a free download. You may not like it, and you may even disagree with me. But bottom line, after doing this for over 14 years this one thing is true.   This […]

NEC Book Tips for the electrical exam in Texas

The Beginner-Friendly Guide To Passing the Electrician Exam

If this is the first time taking the electrician license exam for the state of Texas, no doubt you are overwhelmed. We have several blog posts that can guide you through some of the first things you should do to prepare. But this article is about two very helpful things you can do while you study […]

Time management and goal setting for the electrical exam

Do you ever get too distracted to reach certain goals? Learn important time management skills and set long, medium and short term goals you can actually reach. We want to help you stick to this one so keep reading! When evaluating the number of goals to be completed, most important steps in the process is […]

Different Versions of the PSI Electrician License Exam

Different Versions of the PSI Electrician License Exam

If you are retaking the exam or if you are planning on taking it over and over until you pass, you should read this. Retaking the exam will put you in a different position and you might get lucky and get some of the first questions you have in the first test this next time.  […]

NEC Book Tips for the electrical exam in Texas

Top Test Taking Tips for Electricians

Many test takers can’t find the motivation to crack open the books after a long day at work. Or some have trouble focusing or managing other areas of their lives. So we rounded up our blog posts with our top test taking tips for electricians who are getting ready for their license exam. If you […]

Study habits for the electrician license exam

If you are procrastinating and putting the electrical exam prep to the side like a lot of us are doing, that just makes you human. But it is time to get up, pick up a few books and get cracking. I know this project seems daunting but with a little bit of help, organization and […]