Chapters, Articles and Parts- NEC Layout

The NEC book is over 900 pages long and here is a quick guide to the layout of the book.  Don’t get confused by the layout of the NEC; it’s composed of Chapters, Articles, Sections, Sub Sections, etc.  In reality if you follow the basic layout you are golden.  Here is a quick breakdown of […]

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Electrical Exam Prep Tip #102- NEC Layout

Helpful Tip # 102 There is simply no substitution for not knowing and understanding the LAYOUT of the basic framework of the National Electrical Code® book. Knowing the breakdown of Chapter Two, for example, will help you quickly find an answer that deals with minimum layout and receptacle placements, or load calculation questions. Texas […]

When studying for the Electrical exam, learn the NEC Book Style and Layout so that it can help you save time when looking for keywords.

NEC Book Style and Layout

NEC Book Style & Layout When it comes to the NEC book it is an understatement when we say the Index at the back of the book can send people into vicious circles during an exam.  Electricians that aren’t too familiar with the books will waste precious limited minutes looking up a keyword. After you […]

Journeyman Electrician Test

The Journeyman Electrician Test: The Guide to Acing the Exam

Becoming a certified journeyman electrician is a crucial step in advancing your career in the electrical industry. However, taking and passing the journeyman electrician test can be a daunting task. It requires a significant amount of knowledge and preparation. But don’t worry, with the right study guide, you can be well on your way to […]

Muscle Knots

How to Release Muscle Knots with Trigger Point Techniques

Get rid of muscle knots. As an electrician who works in the field, you should be aware of the importance of taking care of your muscles before subjecting them to heavy lifting and strenuous activities. One technique that should become a staple in your pre-workout or pre-work routine is trigger pointing to release tight muscles […]

service calculations

Prep Tips for Service Calculations

To really understand service calculations you have to look at the articles first. Take your code book and look at chapter two. Chapter two is one of those chapters that can sometimes be hard to remember how it’s laid out. There’s a lot of stuff that’s in there that might not be easy to recognize. It […]

Electrical Excel

Effective September 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the 2023 NEC Code Book Prepare. Pass. Excel. Prepare for the Texas Electrician License Exam Learn More “Success is the culmination of preparation, dedication, and perseverance.” Electrical Excel How to Excel as an Electrician Prepare for the license exam Prepare for the Texas Journeyman or […]

Motor Tables

Understanding Motor Tables in the NEC Book

One very important aspect of the NEC exam is the Motor Tables, which provide essential information for sizing and protecting motors. The Motor Tables in the NEC book are designed to help electricians select the correct motor for a specific application, based on the voltage, frequency, and full-load current of the motor. The tables also […]

master electrician license requirements

What are the Master Electrician Test Requirements in Texas?

In Texas, the highest level of electrical license offered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the Master Electrician license (TDLR). A person must meet the following requirements to get a Master Electrician license. Master electrician license requirements: You must be 18 or older. Have a diploma from high school or something similar. […]

Electrical Equipment and Devices

The Electrical Equipment and Devices Section of the Exam

Electrical Equipment and Devices. If you’re planning to take the PSI Exam for electricians in Texas, then you’ll need to have a solid understanding of the National Electrical Code (NEC). In particular, you’ll need to have a good grasp of the NEC requirements for electrical equipment and devices. This includes switches, receptacles, and panels. 🚩Before […]