Pass the PSI Exam with Electrical Excel

7 Tips you Need to Take and Pass the PSI Exam
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Effective October 1, 2023, the examinations will be referenced to the

2023 NEC Code Book

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Pass the PSI Exam.


We hope you are staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  A lot of us are still working and some of us aren’t.  One thing is true though, we are trying to adapt to this ‘new normal’.  


If you applied for your license, use this time to study and pass the PSI exam.  Even though TDLR is extending deadlines for continuing education and examinations, you should take advantage of this time to study.


Here are some prep tips you can look over this weekend.  Please take a moment to look over the material on our website.  Let us know if there is anything you want us to cover!


For in-depth material, check out our seminars in Texas.  Classes are extra small to comply with COVID-19, so register fast to hold your seat and pass the PSI exam - guaranteed.



Tip #1  The test is based on the current NEC.



-to bring a standard printed NEC (not a hard-cover)

-small notes written in pen

-to tab your book with NEC tabs


Not Allowed:

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

-Hardcover NEC

-Small printed items tucked in the book,

-Stapled items to any pages in the book,

-large paragraphs of information or calculations in the book.


Tip #2 Questions in the Exam

When you go take the exam, one of the first objectives is to scan the test for all time wasting questions designed to confuse you.


Tip #3 Don’t Freak Out - Pass the PSI Exam

When you are sitting in for the electrical test you will see other people walking out of the test room sooner than you.


Don't let that freak you out.


  1. The test center administers exams for many other industries, not just the electrical one.


  1. Their exams may be shorter than yours.


  1. Even if another electrician is testing at the same time as you and finishes earlier than you, it doesn't mean he/she is smarter than you and has it all figured out.


Keep your head in the game. Focus on you and your training.  The people that stay until the end of their exam have a better chance of passing than those who rush out of there.




Tip # 4 Finding the Answers in Your NEC


There is no such thing as opening your NEC book and magically finding the answer to your exam questions.


You have to learn how the book is laid out. 

You have to know the chapters in it.  

You have to learn to navigate.  

You also have to build your knowledge.



Tip # 5 Fitness and Studying to Help You Pass the PSI Exam

Did you know that physical activity, rest, and food can help or hinder your studies?  Here are some tips from a fitness coach  Read the article here.


Tip # 6 Study One of the Most Essential Chapters

There are a lot of articles of Ch 2 in the NEC that you will see in the exam. Highlight these in the table of contents & highlight the articles inside the book - you will need them!


Get the most important Articles in Ch 2 here.


Texas PSI Exam Articles from chapter 2

Tip # 7 2020 NEC Cycle Update 

TDLR is adopting the 2020 NEC code by September 1st & the exam for the electrical license will be based on it.


You can take your test now until August under the 2017 code but after that, you will need to update to the new code.  If you don't pass the PSI exam, you will have to test out of the new book.


Prepare. Pass. Excel.

Get more tips at our website.

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