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7 More Exam Prep Tips from College Students

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Exam Prep Tips from full time students.

Last month we spoke to some college students and picked their brains for their exam prep tips. We figured who better to help us with this article than professional test takers. 

Must have formulas for your electrical exam


Here are 7 more tips these students shared with us so that you can add them to your exam prep study routine for the electrical exam.


Exam Prep Tips

•Get good rest

Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine the night before. Don’t fight with the wife, she will be right at whatever she says the night for the electrical exam, don’t go out with the buddies for a beer, keep your head clear, drink plenty of water the day before (NOT at night, cause you’ll have to get up several times), and eat a nutritious dinner.  Do not go out for greasy foods, you will regret it the next day.

•Designate a study place

Carve out a little spot in your home for study only.  There is a psychology behind this. Some students say that when they are stuck on a question, they close their eyes and remember where they were when they were reading that particular subject.  Only use this spot for studying, not for watching Netflix or football.

•Designate a time

Most college students set a particular time for a particular subject they are studying. This helps your brain get conditioned to know that you mean business from 6 pm to 7 pm and you will only focus on the electrical exam.  (Or whatever time you choose) Some people study better in the morning, some better at night. Play around with the time until you find a good time for you.

•If you have test anxiety

Watch this video on YouTube.  7 Exam Anxiety Tips: https://youtu.be/FyBdA61GmJ0

•Study in most efficient way, not for hours.

Do not spend hours and hours studying or cramming the night before.  College students know the importance of breaking up their study time. Most agree that studying for 30-60 minutes per session is more efficient that studying for hours.  You can have 2 to 3 study sessions per day if you break them up in between. Realistically, after work and family, can you really do 2 to 3 study sessions per day? Probably not, that is why we urge you guys to start studying at least 6 months before the exam!

•Put away phone and distractions

I really don’t have to get into this one, do I? Common sense guys.

•Brain dump at the exam

We tell our guys at the seminar, if you are given a scratch sheet of paper, dump everything you have in your brain, formulas, calculations, article numbers, ohm’s law into that piece of paper as soon as you sit down.  This will lower the risk of forgetting something important and you'll have it handy when you sit for the exam.


I hope these exam prep tips help you get started. Remember to check back often for new blogs and freebies.  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a thing and follow us on Facebook!


Good luck!

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