Articles to read for the electrical exam

4 Articles You Must Read for the Electrician Exam

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Articles to help you prepare for the exam.

This year we are going strong helping you study for the 2020 NEC license test.  We just finished our January seminar and getting ready for the next one!

We are working hard to get more resources for you online. Just tell us what you want to see.

This week we put together the most helpful articles we have for you to read.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

Formulas to Know

✔️ Write these formulas for your electrical exam in your code book, you’ll be glad you did.

Tables to Tab

✔️ There are many tables in your NEC book. Only a few of the tables are important for the NEC code test. Pay attention to these.

Code Exceptions

✔️ In the NEC you will see code exceptions in some sections. But for the purpose of the exam – don’t use them! BUT There is an exception to this exception. Read More.

Motors Articles

✔️ In the exam there are several subject areas you will be tested on. One of the subject areas is Motors. Here are some Motors articles to read & understand.

We hope these articles help you get ready for the exam. Make sure to look through the rest of the articles or ask us if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading & take care!

Prepare. Pass. Excel.

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Top tables for the TX PSI exam

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