3 Simple Tips For Using the NEC Book to get ahead of the Electrical Exam

The NEC book is the only thing you are allowed to take the exam room. Here are 3 simple tips to turn this book into a valuable asset in the electrical exam.

Tip #1 Only buy the softcover version of the NEC.  Examiners will not allow the binder or the hard cover version.

Tip #2 You are allowed to apply tabs to the book as long as they are the ones approved by the examiners.  If you don't know which they allow, check out the examiner's bulletin found in our website.  Apply the tabs for tables on the top portion of your book, apply the tabs for the articles on the side portion of the book.

Tip #3 Use exam prep book to help you highlight your code book.  Highlight the keywords and articles that you see repeatedly during your practice exams.  As you study, you will come to learn to use your NEC book and will learn where specific articles and tables are located in the book.

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