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3 Electrical Test Problems Everyone Has

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The electrical test in Texas is not easy but you will PASS

According to licensing boards the electrical exam is there to ensure that those practicing electrical work have a knowledge of electrical regulations.  They also want to make sure you have on the job training. Some of the questions in the electrical test requires field knowledge but not all.  However, most of the electrical questions are based on codes from NFPA's NEC book. Today will are focusing on the top 3 and they are the most common across the board.

#1 What’s on the electrical test?

The golden question.  This right here.  The electrical exam in Texas (Check your local testing administrator such as PSI or ICC) is outlined on the Candidate Information Bulletin.   PSI Exams provides this Candidate Information Bulletin.  The outline of the subject areas is on the bulletin but does not give us specific information as to what exactly will you see in the test.  You have to review the table of contents and start getting familiar with the subject areas and this is a good start. The bad thing is that you won't get an idea of the scope of what you will be dealing with until you actually prepare for the electrical exam.  This leads us to #2, how to prepare for the electrical exam.

Must have formulas for your electrical exam

#2 How do I prepare for the electrical test?

Books, online classes, seminars or classes.  What to do? First you have to look at a few things to see which method of preparation is best for you.  How much time do you have?  If you have 4 to 6 months and you can lock yourself up for about 45 to 60 minutes per night to study without distractions, then go for a book course.

The practice exams gives you the questions the same way you'll get them in the testing center.  Start getting used to the way the questions are worded.  If you are more into computers go for the computerized online classes.  The electrical exams are computer based.  You might as well get used to answering and tagging questions the same way you would in the testing center.  The electrical exam prep online takes a couple of months to complete.

Finally, if you need something quick cause your test is in 3 to 4 weeks, then a live seminar is your best bet.  This exam prep seminar is focused only on the actual exam. This crash course guides you exactly to the articles and tables you will need to learn for the electrical test.  Your best bet is to do all three of course.

#3 What happens if I fail my electrical test?

If you fail the electrical exam you will be given a score report.  Take this report and look at the subject areas you missed.  This is going to help you prepare for your next exam and you should be able to pass it.  If you took the Texas Live Seminar and failed the exam, come back to another seminar free of charge.  Make sure to return with your score report so you can get a personalized homework to help you pass.

If you failed the electrical test and you did not take the seminar, what  are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can help you pass that test.  Note, you will still have to pay for another testing fee each time you take the test.


If you have any questions email or contact us.  Let us know what issues are getting in your way of passing the electrical exam.  Check out the upcoming live seminars and see what the students are saying about their experience and their victory.


Cheers to YOUR victory!

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