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3 Practice Exam Sites You Should Check Out


Jade Learning ElectriciansExam


Looking for online exam practice questions is hard when you are searching for free, current and applicable to the current exams. There are a lot of websites that sell you access to their database, with prices ranging from $9.99 and up.  The point of this blog was to find websites that provide you with a free trial before you buy anything and that has material that can help with your exam.  

Keep in mind that several states have yet to adopt the latest code book (as of today the latest code book is the 2014 NEC), so the following websites will be helpful to those preparing for the 2011 and 2014.  We feel the older site are still valuable as long as you follow along with your current book and watch out for changes, skip the question if you feel it's too confusing.  The point of using computer based practice exams is to get familiar with the way the questions are asked and to become familiar using a computer.

 Here at Electrical Excel we are very excited to announce that our friends at Jade Learning have a pretty awesome computer based exam prep program.  Jade Learning provides simulated exams that are available for 1 month (or longer) to help you become familiar with your NEC book AND time yourself as if you were in the actual exam.  The coolest part about this is that at the end of the exam you get a score report broken down by the same subject areas just like the real PSI electrical exam!  This awesome feature lets you see what your weakest areas are so you can pay more attention to those areas!  

We were going to launch our very own online software just like this but during our research we bumped into these guys.  I guess great minds think alike.  

This breakdown report lets you see your weak areas so you can study those areas with more focus.

This breakdown report lets you see your weak areas so you can study those areas with more focus.

We searched high and low for websites that met our criteria and were able to find the following.  If you have any other websites that you have used in the past that are not listed here, let us know!

You can access the websites directly from our site or once you open the page you can copy/paste the website into your browser bar.

Articles to Highlight Guide

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PSI Lite Free

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