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2014 Code Changes and How it Affect the Texas Exam

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With the 2011 Texas exam coming to end, we prepare to understand and review the 2014 NEC® and code changes.  If you didn’t take the 2011 exam don’t worry, the exam is not vastly different….yet.  It typically evolves over time in about (just an estimate here) 6 months.  The exam from 2011 and the exam from 2014 if compared side-by-side will be night-and-day different.
Keep in mind that although the exam content will be similar if not the same, the new book has a ton of adjustments and new codes.  These new codes and articles apply to Chapters 1-9...yes all of it.  If you haven’t already done so, you should take a few hours and go through your old book and the new book to locate the differences.  Well, that is if you don’t have work and family and a LIFE. 
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“I’ll see you next year sweetheart, Daddy has to go study the code changes.”
For an easier way to understand and review the code changes we suggest Mike Holt’s “Changes to the NEC 2014”.  Holt has done the legwork for you since, well, that IS his job.  Right now we are offering a bundle of the “Changes to the NEC 2014” and a 2014 NEC® tabbed/highlighted book for only $204.99.  That’s a savings of $24.00!  www.TexasElectricalExam.com
If you’re a nerd like me and you learn better in a classroom setting, I recommend you go through one of our seminars taught by Mitchell Tolbert.  He travels round to all parts of ye old Texas, and some parts of Oklahoma but we don’t advertise that during football season…just saying.  Keep your eyes open for our calendar, it is constantly updated.  Seminars for the 2014 Texas Exam will begin late September/Early October.  If you sign up over the phone (1-800-801-4085) you get a $15 discount, but you have to say the magic words…: “Your email /blog told me to ask for a discount!”.
We have a ton more stuff I could sit here and write to you about but chances are you are probably looking for the "X" to close this tab so I’ll save it for another time or you can visit our website at www.TexasElectricalExam.com.
Need resources? Help filling out forms? Want someone to rant to about TDLR? Just give us a call or send us an email.  Legally we can’t do anything to change the system but we are “hear” for you.  See what I did there?
Best of luck!
Nancy Valdez
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