articles to highlight for your exam

18 Articles You MUST Highlight for your Exam

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Articles to highlight for your exam.
If you are preparing the electrical exam, you should know that the exam is open book.  Have you seen the size of the book?  The  NEC book is over 900 pages long!  We sell highlighted and indexed/tabbed book for those of you preparing for the master electrical exam and the journeyman electrical exam.
We are sharing with you today some of the articles to highlight for your exam in your book, feel free to share this with everyone you know.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter in the box below if you want to see more free tips.
Listed below are 18 Articles you MUST highlight in your book.   These articles and tables are based on the NEC book.  If you have an older version or newer version, make sure to highlight the article based on the title of the article.
These articles will be ones that you will have to refer to during any electrical exam.  Whether you are studying for the ICC exam or the PSI exam, this list will help you.  If you already have these highlighted, then good for you! You are on the right path.
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18 Articles to Highlight for your Exam

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Quick Tip for Highlighting articles in the NEC book

Only highlight the keyword and the article number.  If you highlight the entire paragraph you will not be able to focus on the keyword. Next thing you know, your book will be covered in neon colors.  This can be distracting during the test.
Get more tips on how to highlight your NEC book here.
Let us know if you have any questions!


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