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#1 Priority for Contractor: Business Plans & Why You Need One

Business Plans & Why You Need One

Everyone in the business
of business will ask, “If you were planning a road trip, would you travel
without a map.”  The answer is often “No” (or so I hope).  If you are
starting a business, would you start one without a plan?  Many people are
intimidated by business plans and instead look away and start without one
anyway.  There are agencies that offer business plan writing for those
people and although it is a great way to have a professional plan created, it
will do you no good if you do not know your business plan inside and out.
A business
plan isn't just a few sentences explaining what your business
is about.  It’s a great tool to refer to when putting together your marketing campaign.  It’s
also great when looking for a loan or
Don’t be overwhelmed,
hire someone to do it and learn it, or do it yourself but take it one step at
time.  A business plan will also make you see things laid out in front of
you and help you determine if your business idea to open an electrical company inspired by "The Flash" is a great idea after all.
     DO NOT start a business without a business
plan. Even if you do hire
someone to write it for you, look over a business plan outline to familiarize
yourself with what sections will be included in the plan. Also, once you finish
and read your plan, you will become inspired to start your business strong.
It is never too late to write out a business plans.  If you have been in business for a while, you can write out a plan now that you know what to expect.
don’t have to be excruciatingly detailed in your plan.  Start
small then embellish.  Your main goal is to get started and plug in
information in the correct areas for now.  My favorite website for writing
business plans is www.SBA.gov.  (completely free).

We also have a downloadable file for only $5 with step by step instructions as to what to include in your plan. This detailed business plan will be available to download immediately after check-out.


Questions? Comments? Do
you have a business plan writer to recommend?  Leave a comment,
like, +1, etc.

Need a creative and talented business
plan writer?  Message me to connect you
with a trusted partner.
Cheers to your success!
Nancy Valdez
Texas Electrical Excel



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